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You and your family situation is unique. As a result, so is your plan. We use our Discovery Meeting to determine what options may be right for you. In this meeting we will evaluate:

1. Your risk tolerance
2. Your future plans
3. Your existing situation
4. Your family situation
5. Market trends and most importantly
6. What is important to you.

The rules are constantly changing. New products are offered, old products change names, tax laws change, demographics cause shifting markets, and world events impact our investment strategies. We watch this every day and bring you only the pieces that are relevant to you and your family's future. We take what we study every day, identify opportunities, and evaluate the impact on every client. It is in this process that the substance of our knowledge and experience shows. With Dominion Wealth by your side, you will examine both practical and creative options based on your goals and circumstances; not the market hearsay, commissions, and advertising. Dominion Wealth will help you create order out of chaos. And the more complex your situation is, the more valuable our services may become for you and your family. Offering the following services, we focus on protecting your life facets...

Financial Planning
Personal financial planning is broadly defined as follows: a process of determining financial goals, purposes in life or life's priorities, risk profile, current and future lifestyle. This is then evaluated and a balanced and realistic plan is created to meet those goals.

To be effective, the plan should consider the current lifestyle and what needs to be stopped or started in order to maintain that lifestyle in the future. This plan is very personal because it must consider many variables including personal habits, health history, current situation, and future plans for each family.

Estate Planning
Nearly everyone should have an estate plan. You can probably benefit from an estate plan if you are or have been married, have children (especially minors), own real estate in more than one state, or have recently experienced significant growth in your assets. Your plan will help you:

  • ensure proper titling of your assets
  • avoid probate and the potential for additional costs and delays
  • minimize federal estate taxes

Most estate plans have five key elements of which the Revocable Living Trust is the cornerstone. Dominion Wealth will work with you to get all of your documents in order which will help ensure that that your estate plan will operate as intended at the crucial moment.

Investment Management
If you own stocks, bonds, real estate, or commodities, knowing how to allocate your portfolio is essential to your investment success. We will review your plan to help ensure you have proper asset allocation, well defined and realistic long term objectives, and diversification to protect against the unforeseen.

Tax Planning
Tax Planning is done throughout the year and is important for the potential reduction of tax liabilities and the freeing-up of cash flow for other purposes.

Tax Preparation
Tax preparation is generally not a simple task for our clients. Multiple sources of income, numerous assets, sometimes in different states, can get complicated. The expertise we provide can save time, dollars and ultimately your nest egg.

The most important reason to consider insurance is to help protect the financial well-being of those who depend on you today. Consider the following areas, which can be protected by the right insurance:

  • Income Replacement
  • Estate Value
  • Business ownership/partnership

Obtaining insurance early in life and modifying it as your needs - and those of your family - evolve is cost-effective and wise.

We offer long-term care (LTC) insurance to provide for care that extends beyond a pre-determined period. Long-term care covers areas not generally addressed by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, such as home care, assisted living, and hospice care.

With the proper long-term care insurance, you can remain independent for longer, without having to rely on your children or family for support. The premiums may be eligible for income tax deduction.

All great planners have a process. This prevents oversights and creates consistent quality. In the first 50 days of the Dominion Wealth process you find the answers to questions such as: When can I retire? Do I have enough life insurance? What are my tax implications for making a move? Can I afford to (fill in the blank)? We cover all key topics and opportunities for your financial future.

Our comprehensive financial advice takes in account six key areas of planning (noted above) and, in addition to the first 50 days, each of these areas has a separate process that we manage for you. Together we create and oversee the plan: the plan that is designed to stabilize and enhance your financial situation so that you can lead a more prosperous and fulfilling life. That is our mission every day.

Financial Planning

Estate Planning

Investment Management

Tax Planning

Tax Preparation




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